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        How to Identify HDPE dredging pipe quality?
        Posted By: Administrator  Post Time:2019/12/4  Read:604Times

        How to Identify hdpe dredging pipe Quality?

        The performances of pe pipes are up to raw material, processing equipments and technology.  Lots of manufacturers add recycled material into the pipe to reduce the costs and gain higher profits, however, which greatly reduce the performances of the pipes. How to identify the quality of PE pipes? We introduced the 7 ways to check it:


          Good quality pipes, the inside and outside surface of the PE pipes is smooth, without the defects like bubbles, dents, impurities, etc.

        Poor Quality  pipes: the surface is not smooth, unbright, and obvious pittings;

        Milling strips

        The strips of qualified pipes milled by welding machine is bright in color, and not easy to break with repeated folding. The milling strips with whitish color, or other colors, which are caused by adding recycling material or uneven material mixing.

        Good Quality pipes: the milling strips are bright in color, neat, no break with repeated folding

        Poor Quality pipes: the milling strips looks darker, easy to be broken by repeated folding.

        3. Butt Welding Joint

        The qualified butt welding joint should have smooth and symmetrical turnups around the pipe circles, and the turnups depth should not lower than pipe surface. The alighment tolerance at two sides in the excircle of welding seams should not be more than 10% of pipe thickness.The turnups should be solid and smooth, the bottom part is a little bit wider.There should be no impurities, small holes, deformation and damages at the downside of turnups.  

        Good quality pipes: the turnups are smooth and neat, and it will be a little bit longer after pressure from butt fusion welding seams.

        Poor quality pipes: there are lots of blow holes at the welding surface, and the turnups will be shorter after the pressure from butt fusion welding.

        4. Smelling

        5. Burning flame

        6.Break Elongation

        The break elongation is the ratio between the length when it was broke and the origin length. The larger break elongation and the better flexibility, and better performances.

        Good Quality pipes: 3.5 times of original length without breaking

        Poor Quality pipes: bad flexibility, and easy to be broken;


        OIT(Oxidative induction time) is the time for the pipes to have Automatic catalytic oxidation reaction under higher temperature and oxygen, which can indicate the thermal degradation capability of the pe pipes during processing, storage, welding and working. The longer OIT, the better anti-aging capability of PE pipes.

        Reference: China Plastic Pipe Technology BBS

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