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        UHMWPE floating pipe and fittings

         UHMWPE floating pipe and fittings

        Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene(UHMWPE for short) floating pipe was extruded out with 3.5~9.2 million  viscosity-average molecular weight material by extruding machine in high temperature and pressure situation. The UHMWPE flaoting pipeline is widely applied in the fields of hydraulic reclamation,dredging, mine tailing,ash transporting and so on. 

        UHMWPE Pipe Benefits:

        1. High Wear Resistance

         UHMW-PE has the best wear resistant ability among all the engineering plastics. The higher molecular weight of the material, the more wear resistant of the pipeline.The UHMWPE pipeline manufactured by Shandong Buoy&Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd is 4~6 times higher in wear resistance than that of Q235 carbon steel and 2.7 times wear resistance than that of silicon-manganese 13 wear resistant steel.The ultra high wear resistant ability of the material will prolong the UHMWPE pipeline using life effectively.  


        2, Low Coefficient of Flow Resistance, Low Friction Resistance, High Transmission Efficiency

        The internal wall of UHMWPE pipe is very smooth with little roughness and friction resistance. The roughness of UHMWPE pipe is only 0.0065 while steel pipe is 0.012. It can greatly improve transport efficiency and bring significant economic benefits.

        Surface Comparison of UHMWPE and HDPE at 5000x magnification

        UHMWPE surface  

                             UHMWPE                                                                   HDPE 

        3.Easy Installation

        The density of UHMWPE material is 0.945g/cm3, so the pipe is light in weight, which is easy for transportation and do not need large-scale mechanical construction.  The length of the UHMWPE pipeline is optional from 4.5~14m.  The above properties contribute to short installation period. 

        4.Low Temperature Resistance

        At the temperature of -70℃~80℃, UHMWPE pipe can work with normal excellent mechanical performance and offer long term working life. 

        5. High Corrosion Resistance

        UHMWPE pipe can resist corrosion to strong acid, alkali, salt, seawater, sewage and corrosive soil which can avoid losses caused by corrosion.

        6.Non-toxic and Tasteless, High Environmental Friendly

        Polyethylene is a kind of national certified and environmental friendly material and non-toxic. It will not be attached by shellfish,fungus and other microorganisms in the seawater or sewage. It will not have any scale and microbial growth without increasing the roughness which can guarantee the stability of flow medium.

        7. Good long-term Comprehensive Benefit and Low Maintenance Cost

        Comprehensive benefit is a kind of long-term benefit formed by a variety of factors like construction investment, installation costs, run maintenance costs, service life and energy saving, ect. The comprehensive benefit of UHMWPE pipe is very high, especially the diameter gets larger, its cost gets lower.

        The following with the UHMWPE floating pipe and fittings we manufactured:

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